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2022 The Year of Grace

What a time to be alive!

As we shift into 2022 we move into Grace. We have come to learn so much about ourselves in such a radical transformative fashion, there is no turning back. Every twist and turn has welcomed us to shine a light into every little crack and crevice of ourselves to remind us what beauty resides within our darkest corners.

There is no hiding from our truth now. We are all divinely connected and ready to explore the world as it unfolds the way we choose to create and manifest. We are now the wildest warriors of strength and resilience. Our hearts have been broken open and we are ready to move into pure grace with clarity, wisdom, triumph and faith.

Let us now create a new world together shaped by love, radiance, energy and connection.

Allow the grace we have been given from our experiences to carry us through the unknown smiling, loving, laughing, holding each other all the way. Let us be brave and honourable, now and forever.

For even in death we shall shine with Grace together.

I am with you my fellow brave hearted warriors

Let us have a brilliant time together

I am with you always in love

Gratitude and light...

Kate xo

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